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How Swim Lessons Teach Your Kids Resilience

Every day at Big Blue, our Swim Associates help kids learn new swimming skills in the pool and are right by their side as they reach new milestones. But every swimmer has to overcome an obstacle or two before achieving those Big Moments. Conquering fears and learning new skills help teach kids resilience.

Parents can help kids build resilience, writes Dr. Ginsburg's, a psychologist for adolescents and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He offers the following advice to parents:

Maintaining physical health strengthens emotional health. It's important for parents and kids to stay active and give the brain a chance to focus on something else. Swimming is a great outlet for kids that enhances their physical, emotional and mental skills.

Be a calming presence for others. It's helpful to surround yourself with reassuring voices to keep you grounded. Our warm environment and friendly teachers help create that calming place for kids.

Relationships strengthen us. An important lesson for kids to remember is that we are in this together! Our people are core to our business at Big Blue, and our Swim Associates care so much for the kids they teach. Our Big Blue families keep us motivated and inspired to teach every single day.

At Big Blue, we are grateful that we get to teach our swimmers how to persevere through challenges in and out of the pool. Dr. Ginsburg's adds, "Resilience is about more than bouncing back. It is about adapting. Growing. Becoming stronger. Being ready for the next challenge, but also being prepared to savor all the good life has to offer." Our people make us stronger, our space gives us security, and the lessons we teach kids are lifelong. That's the Big Blue Difference!