Big Blue Answers Your Big Questions: What should I look for when my child starts swim lessons?

Parenthood is full of questions and seemingly endless decision making. When it comes to learning to swim and water safety, we’re your partner in getting answers. We’ll share our thoughts and expertise on some common questions parents ask.

In this post, we'll cover everything you need to know about what you may want to look for when your child starts swim lessons.

Starting Swim Lessons at Big Blue

We’ve designed our program to welcome children of any age into the warm water at Big Blue. Professional instructors, small class sizes, and a scaffolded approach to building swimming skills ensure the best possible experience and outcomes.

Swimming Lesson Curriculum Levels

We’re focused on comfort and confidence in the water and creating increased water safety from the start. With our Baby Blue curriculum, a parent or caregiver is in the water with each child for the lesson. As we go, we’re building the familiarity and the skills needed for a child to begin participating without a parent. Each of our carefully programmed swim lesson curriculum levels reinforces skills taught previously, introduces new skills, and builds the foundation for future swimming success. Learn more about each swim lesson curriculum level.

Individual Assessment, Attention, and Progress

Since progress at Big Blue is highly individualized, your child works at their own pace. Your swimmer will pass all skills required regarding floating, breath control, and the ability to propel themselves through the water independently for their current level to move up to the next level. Worried you waited too long? Don’t be! At any age, we’re ready to help. Every first lesson at Big Blue starts with an assessment and placement into a level based on their age and ability.

Big Blue Checks All the Boxes

Beyond the right age to start swimming lessons, the AAP gives parents other recommendations to consider when selecting your swim school. You’ll want to look for high-quality instructors and instruction and multiple continuous sessions for all children. Warm water for comfort and water purity—which the AAP highlights as critical especially for children under 4 since they tend to breathe in or swallow more water—are part of every Big Blue swim lesson experience.

We’re thrilled to share that Big Blue checks all the current AAP recommendations for instructors, experience, and facilities. Plus, we make it super simple to sign up, schedule, and manage your child’s or children’s lessons and track their progress all from our Parent Portal.