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Fun & Safe Games To Play In The Pool

It’s no secret that kids of all ages love to swim, splash and perform cannonballs in the pool. Moreover, playing fun pool games can add to their excitement to swim. Playing games in the pool can be a great way to exercise and spend time with the family. They also help keep little ones engaged while having fun in the water.

A swimming pool, although fun, can be a dangerous place for kids, especially those who do not know how to swim. Therefore, it’s vital to keep water safety in mind when enjoying these games for swimming pools. For example, always ensure there is adult supervision when kids are near a pool and when they’re swimming. Remind little ones that roughhousing, playing near drains, and running near a pool will not be tolerated, as they can cause injuries. Additionally, life jackets may be needed for kids who do not know how to swim.

Besides classic Marco Polo, here are some creative and safe games to play in the pool:

1. F-I-S-H

The concept of this game is like the basketball game H-O-R-S-E. It can be played with two or more people. Players must follow the leader and perform tasks such as completing a headstand in the shallow end or swimming a safe lap. If a player fails to complete the task, he or she gains a letter. Once a player earns enough letters to spell F-I-S-H, he or she is out and the last person swimming becomes the new leader.

2. Treasure Dive

To play this game, throw coins and diving sticks into the pool — you’ll need two of each. Players then divide into two teams. On “Go,” players dive underwater and collect the objects from the bottom of the pool. Each team needs to gather one of each item, and the first team to collect all of them wins.

3. Air Ball

Among the many fun games to play in the pool, this is a great pool party game to play with friends and family. The rules are simple: Keep a beach ball in the air and don’t let it touch the water. Watch as players frantically dive and splash to keep the ball high in the air.

4. Category Game

Looking for pool games to play that make you think? Try this fun category game! One player is “it” and stands at one wall of the pool. The rest of the players stand together at the opposite wall. The “it” player names a category and one person from the group collects a response from everyone and announces them. Then, the “it” player chooses his or her favorite one and races the person who had that exact response to the opposing wall. The two players race past each other, and the one who loses becomes “it."

As you can see, there are many fun things to do in the pool. It just takes some creativity and the right number of players to begin an exciting game that everyone can enjoy.