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Your Guide to Water Park Safety

Water parks have long held their place in families' hearts seeking to have a good time. Popular attractions, such as slides, lily pads, and lazy rivers, promise endless entertainment, ensuring families return for more aquatic adventures every summer. However, it's crucial to remember that while water parks can be super fun, safety should always be at the forefront of your family's day out, whether you are a recurrent or new visitor, in order to prevent accidents.

Water Park Health and Safety Tips

The crowds and vast territory of the park can be overwhelming for both parents and kids. Don’t let this feeling take you away from a full, fun experience. We have some helpful water park safety tips for you below to help ensure the safety of your entire family during your next exciting visit.

Flotation device in the pool at the water park

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Family: The level of independence may vary depending on your kids' ages, but regardless, you should always know where they are and what they’re doing. This is especially important when your children are in a wave pool, water slide, or near another water attraction.

Little boy enjoying the water park safely

Follow the Rules: It is essential for your kids to understand that the rules at the water park are in place to maximize their safety. Reiterate these rules to your children before arriving at the park, so you can have their full attention. Once you arrive, remind your children that listening to you and the lifeguards is also very important to avoid any possible accidents.

Buddy System: Every child should have a buddy, especially at large water parks where kids may wander. The buddy system not only helps keep them safe, but it teaches shared responsibility at an early age.

Two girls following safety tips at the water park through the buddy system

Always Use Sunscreen: If you’re at an outdoor water park, you must always ensure your kids have sunscreen applied beforehand. Waterproof sunscreen is extremely important for preventing painful burns and skin diseases from high exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays. And don’t forget to re-apply it a few times throughout the day!

Protective Shoes and Clothing: Water shoes and swimming shirts are always a good idea and can protect your child from sunburn, scratches, and cuts at the park. Take into account that water shoes are usually not allowed on slides.

Little girl wearing a swimming shirt to ensure protection from the sun

Stay Clean and Sanitary: Young children should avoid swallowing pool water or going to the bathroom in the pool. Take your children to the restroom before swimming and always have them wash their hands appropriately. If your child wears diapers, waterproof diapers are always recommended, and check these often as well.

Stay Hydrated: Drinking water during the day is one of the key health tips to mention since the sun can quickly dehydrate you. Checking that your child drinks plenty of water throughout your stay is crucial to a happy and healthy day at the water park.

Drinking plenty of water at the water park to stay hydrated

Ensure Young Children Remain in Shallow Areas: Until they've learned to swim, it's paramount for young children to stay in easy-to-reach areas, always under close adult supervision. While lifeguards are typically present, you bear the ultimate responsibility for their safety.

Remember, sharing conversations with your children about safety before heading to a water park is crucial for everyone. It’s not only important to follow the water park safety rules in place, but to also follow the water park safety tips we have provided for your family, so you can have a memorable and fun experience. At Big Blue Swim School, we acknowledge the importance of fun and safety in the water. To get your kids ready for their next aquatic adventure, find a Big Blue location near you!