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Getting Kids Summer Swim Ready

Family pool time, hitting the local splash pad, or traveling to a lake or beach are priceless summer memories.

Getting summer swim-ready includes all the usuals: making sure swimsuits fit, finding goggles, packing sunscreen and bringing plenty of snacks. Some families may not realize all they can do well before warmer days arrive to help ensure a successful – and fun – summer swim season.

Start Before Summer

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Safer summer swimming – and a more positive experience around the water – starts long before the summer months.

The APA recommends children over the age of 1 learn how to swim. Building comfort and confidence in the water before the age of 1 can set your child up for future swim lesson success and ensure a more enjoyable swim experience in the summer. Big Blue offers year-round swim lessons for ages 3 months and up, so your child can continually develop the skills to enjoy the water and be safer around the water. Consistency and repetition are key elements of all our levels of swimming lessons, and attending weekly lessons is an essential part of that process.

Beyond fun, ensuring your child is developing as a swimmer before summer rolls around can help make for less stressful pool and beach trips. According to the CDC, drowning is the number one cause of death for children ages 1-4 and the second-leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 14 in the United States. While that statistic is scary, year-round weekly swimming lessons can help children stay safer around water. Big Blue is a local partner of the USA Swimming Foundation and a trusted swimming lessons provider. Our unique program is designed to help children learn to propel themselves to safety.

Are you curious why year-round swimming lessons are an excellent idea for skill- and confidence-building and creating safer swimmers? Read more here.

Continue During the Summer

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Even if your summer plans include plenty of pool and beach time, it’s important to keep up with regular swim lessons. Learning to swim requires consistent practice. Our professional swim instructors know how to make the most of weekly lessons to maintain skills and build new ones.

Extra time in the water during the summer augments the work your child is putting in at Big Blue. Use pool time to ask your child to demonstrate some of their hard-earned skills.

We understand how busy families are, so we make it easy to schedule weekly lessons to ensure your child continues to progress. Our small classes and personalized approach maximize your child’s time in the water. You can always track how far your child’s progressed on the app.

Think About Next Summer Now!

The summer swim season is short, probably much shorter than most kids would like! Parents know it’ll be summer again before we know it. Consider the swim lessons you continue this summer and into the fall and winter an investment into your child’s safety and enjoyment in the water next summer and for many summers to come.

If you haven’t started, don’t worry! It’s always a good time to try Big Blue. Sign up for a free trial lesson with Big Blue.