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The Benefits of Year-Round Swim Lessons

Consistency is key! Keeping up with your child’s swimming instruction is not only fantastic exercise when they can’t play outside during the cold months, but it offers countless physical and mental benefits at the same time. From contributing towards brain development to building confidence and techniques for self-control and self-regulation, here are 5 reasons to continue swim lessons year-round.

1. Improved Mental Development

Swimming is known to be a creative and stimulating experience, especially for young children. According to Swimming World Magazine, the increased brain activity from swimming promotes mental development and the growth of new brain cells. Swimming is a whole-body exercise that also engages the mind. It requires coordination, concentration, and decision-making, which can stimulate brain development in children, leading to improved cognitive function.

Girl engaging in her year-round swimming lessons

2. Boosts Immune System

Staying active through swimming can even improve your child’s immune system and help fight off illness. Swimming consistently activates the cardiovascular system, while improving lung capacity and respiratory function as blood circulation is increased. This combination contributes significantly to an active swimmer's well-being.

3. Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Children typically become restless in colder months when they can’t be as active outside, and parents learn this experience the hard way. Swimming is one of the best exercises when it comes to releasing healthy endorphins and reducing cortisol (the main stress hormone) levels in the body. Not to mention, regular physical activity, such as swimming, can help promote better sleep patterns in children. Swimming provides a good workout and helps safely tire the body, leading to more restful sleep.

Friendly instructor helping girl build trust and confidence during swimming lessons

4. Consistent Physical Activity

While many children are enrolled in sports, most of these sports are played in the warmer months. It’s very important that kids have options throughout all seasons to promote muscle development and coordination. Practicing the different stroke techniques activates different muscles, exercising the entire body. Not to mention, the injury risk is extremely low considering the low-impact nature of the sport.

5. Improved Swimming Skills

The most obvious benefit of year-round swimming is that your child will continue to build their skill set in the water. The saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is very applicable to water skills and stresses the importance of consistent training. Preparing your little ones for a lifetime of water safety starts with attending swimming lessons all year long.

Little boy showing up to his weekly swim lesson with consistency

Swimming year round has both mental and physical benefits. It contributes to children's development and has many health benefits. Children tend to respond positively to structured routines. Consistently participating in swimming lessons helps children anticipate and understand what to expect, alleviating the stress associated with uncertainty. Part of our focus includes increasing their confidence, social skills, and overall awareness of young, developing children.

Here at Big Blue, we’ve seen first-hand how routine swim instruction has a huge impact on the learning abilities and physical growth of all our students. To enroll your child in  year-round swim lessons, find your closest Big Blue location now!