Baby Swim Class

There's nothing like giving your kids comfort and confidence in the water — something that can start even during infancy! At Big Blue Swim School, we have infant swim classes for even the youngest swimmers, ages three months to three years.

In our baby swim class, a parent or caregiver must accompany your child into the water, and our instructors guide both baby and adult through fun, skill-building activities. By learning techniques such as breath control, back floating, crawling out of the pool and other skills, your child gradually gains more independence as a swimmer. Let us help you prepare your little one for a lifetime of water enjoyment!

Our Exceptional Instructors

Whether you're thinking about signing up for 6-month-old swimming lessons or swim lessons for a 2-year-old toddler, you can count on our professional, adult instructors to provide top-notch, level-appropriate training.

Every instructor has more than 100 hours of training on our Big Blue Progress Program, and they take an additional two hours each week to fuel professional growth. Our team is passionate about focusing on each child, too, getting in the water with swimmers, demonstrating new skills and truly engaging with participants.

Weekly 30-Minute Lessons

At Big Blue, all lessons are level-appropriate in order to maximize swimmers' opportunities to progress. In our swim school for infants, we provide 30-minute lessons with six kids per instructor. During the lesson, we focus on readying your child for parent-less participation in the water: We help young ones learn to hold their breath under water, to push off the wall and eventually to swim independently.

Important: Every child not completely potty trained must wear a snug fitting reusable swim diaper over a disposable swim diaper every time they are in the pool. If you do not already have a reusable waterproof swim diaper or if you were to forget the reusable or disposable diaper, we have them available for sale in our pro shop. Please make sure to always check your child’s diaper or have your child visit the bathroom before the lesson starts.

Interested in learning more? Whether you're thinking about swim lessons for a 1-year-old or a preschooler, Big Blue Swim School is a welcoming, supportive, kid-centered place you'll love. We offer no-risk free trial lessons, so you can give us a try to see for yourself!