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Baby Blue

Baby Swimming Lessons

There's nothing like giving your kids comfort and confidence in the water — something that can start even during infancy! At Big Blue Swim School, we have baby swim classes for even the youngest swimmers, ages three months to three years.

Our Baby Blue program helps build the foundational skills your child will need for a lifetime of swimming safety! A parent or caregiver must accompany the child into the water, and our instructors guide the baby and adult through fun, skill-building activities. Our baby swim school is mainly focused on teaching infant swim safety and improving your child’s comfort level in the pool.

Baby swimming lessons feature techniques such as breath control, back floating, crawling out of the pool and more. Our goal is to prepare your little one for a lifetime of water enjoyment and gradually gain more independence as a swimmer.

Our Exceptional Instructors

Our professional instructors are highly- trained and provide first-class education for water safety and skill development. Certified through our rigorous training program, all instructors have more than 75 hours of training under their belts, and they complete regular ongoing training to enhance their skills and expertise. Even when it comes to newborn swimming lessons, they know the correct steps to take to ensure your child learns at a comfortable and progressive pace. On top of that, our team is passionate about what they do and go above and beyond to demonstrate new skills and truly engage with swimmers.

Weekly 30-Minute Lessons

The Baby Blue program includes 30-minute infant swim lessons with six kids, along with their parent or caregiver, per instructor. This helps instructors focus more on each child and maximizes young swimmers' opportunities to progress. Although you’ll start in the water with your child, our goal is to get your little one ready for parent-less participation. From holding their breath to pushing off the wall, our curriculum is geared to slowly phase young swimmers into their next tier of water skills development. Once children are old enough and ready for their next chapter in the water, they will graduate into our Bright Blue Program to continue learning the foundational skills they need for a lifetime of water safety.

Interested in learning more?

Whether you're thinking about swim lessons for a 1-year-old or a preschooler, Big Blue Swim School is a welcoming, supportive, kid-centered place you'll love. We offer no-risk free trial lessons, so you can give us a try to see for yourself!