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4 Reasons to Start Swim Lessons...Now!

Here at Big Blue, it’s always a great time to get into the water. If water safety and confident swimming are some of your family's New Year's resolutions or top goals for your kids by summer, we’re offering four swim lessons for just $20 for a limited time only!

Curious about why winter is the perfect time to get started? We have answers!

The water is always warm at Big Blue!

We make it possible to swim comfortably year-round. With 90-degree water at every Big Blue location, there’s no need to wait until the weather improves or pause because of cold water fear. Shivering is never a part of learning with us.

While your child learns, you can relax in our comfortable, WiFi-enabled viewing lobby. Our bright and welcoming spaces staffed with professional swim instructors are an ideal place to start learning a new and essential skill.

Summer is coming.

Parents sometimes ask us if it’s smart to start learning to swim—or if taking a break from lessons—over winter makes sense for their child. We believe that continuous weekly swim lessons year-round is the best way to make consistent progress in the water. Winter is a fantastic time to start swimming lessons since it gives a child time to build skills, confidence, and excitement about swimming.

This year more than ever, we will all be looking forward to the summer months and the potential to spend time with friends at our favorite local pools and go on waterfront vacations with our families. Or, perhaps your family is planning a trip for Spring Break that involves some much-needed pool time. Any way you look at it, swimming is a fun way to spend time outdoors with your household. Knowing your young one is building swimming skills and gaining confidence will give you comfort that your kids will be prepared for better days ahead.

Mind/body wellness is always a good idea.

Many adults make a plan to work on their fitness each New Year. With colder temperatures and fewer places open for young people, your child may have energy to burn or may be spending more time in front of screens. Heading to a weekly swimming lesson at your local Big Blue Swim School ensures your child gets moving and playing outside of the house at least once a week! If your family is remote or hybrid learning, a break from eLearning and a chance to get some physical activity is good for confidence, mood, attention, and health.

Beyond building swim skills, Big Blue swim instructors focus on resilience, growth and celebrating progress. With so many activities and sports on hold, we know how important it can be for kids to have something to look forward to, something to work on, and a way to mark measurable progress.

We have extensive, localized COVID safety measures in place.

While swimming is always a source of exercise, it’s an important opportunity for something new and novel to be a part of your weekly routine. Across the country, all Big Blue Swim Schools remain open at this time due to the lifesaving skill we offer. Safety is core to what we do at Big Blue. We want children to be safe in the water and families and our Swim Associates to feel comfortable in our facilities.

See all our COVID protocol and the ways we are caring for one another here.

We monitor CDC guidelines and tailor our operations by location according to state and local regulations. From on-line self check in to capped class size to state-of-the-art filtration and UV light sanitizers and more, we go above and beyond in health monitoring, social distancing, and cleaning practices and protocol. In the pool or out, we provide our professional staff suitable personal protective equipment. We encourage our team to take care of themselves and take time off if they’re not feeling well.

With our mobile app and friendly staff just an email or phone call away, it’s also easy to check in on the most current news at your local Big Blue Swim School.

Have questions about why starting at Big Blue now is a great idea? Just ask!

If you’ve let your child’s lessons lapse but are ready to get restarted, simply log into our app or head to our Parent Portal to schedule.

New to Big Blue Swim School? Try four swim lessons for just $20!