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2023 Big Blue Holiday Gift Guide for Young Swimmers

Still wondering what to pick out as a gift for the young swimmer in your life this holiday season? Do they love swimming or are you looking for ways to foster a love for swim lessons? If so, check out our handy guide to help you find the perfect gift for swimmers just in time!

Swim Gear

Who wouldn’t want to receive a swimsuit or towel with cool designs or their favorite character on it? By offering your child something they can wear that features a special interest of theirs, they will feel that much more excited about getting ready for swim lessons! You can even add a pair of goggles or a fun swim cap, so your child will feel comfortable practicing swimming and holding their breath underwater. If you have a baby or toddler, choosing a couple swim diapers will also help them feel comfortable during swim lessons and will aid in preventing major accidents in the pool.

Each of these swimming gifts can be found in our pro shop at your local Big Blue Swim School for convenient shopping!

Swim gear gifts for swimmers in our pro shop

Reusable Water Bottle

Unique water bottles aren’t just for adults! Like swimwear, a fun water bottle can help your child look forward to lessons as well as to encourage them to stay hydrated. These reusable, leak-proof water bottles are a great choice to throw in your family’s swim bag and place in the dishwasher once you return home. Plus, there are countless pattern and TV character options!

Reusable children's water bottle

Swim Bag

Speaking of swim bags, this gift can be exciting, too, and is not just for parents! Water resistant, easy-to-clean bags are pool friendly and perfect for your child to pack full of all their swim essentials. Many swim bags, like this convenient pouch, or durable tote, can store more than just swim gear and post-lesson comfy clothes. Grab them for family trips to sports practices or games, the beach, parties, or playdates!

Swim pouch

Bath Toys

To help your child develop into a strong, confident swimmer, bath toys can be a fantastic option for practice time outside of the pool. We often incorporate fun, yet educational swim toys into our program, so your child will love showing off at home some of the skills they learned during Big Blue swim lessons. We love these silicone toys, because they are the ideal size for little hands and are dishwasher safe to prevent mold, keeping your kiddo healthy.

Bath toys

Reading and Coloring Books

Books centered around swimming don’t have to be boring! If you have a baby, get a head start on tactile learning with this creative bath book, which includes a vibrant collection of ocean creatures. If your child is a little older and feels apprehensive about swim lessons, help them learn to not give up, with this inspiring and colorful children’s book. No gift set is complete without a relaxing coloring book, though! Enhance your child’s creativity and harness their love for water with this paperback edition, featuring swimming pools, waterslides, and lazy river mazes.

Bath book for babies


Inspire BIG moments this holiday season, with a Big Blue Swim School gift card! If your child has been wanting to try swim lessons, or you know a family thinking about signing up, help them dip a toe in the water by giving them a gift card for any pool location of their choice – perfect timing for upcoming vacations.

We love experiences, like family friendly water parks, too! Most water parks offer gift certificates that can easily be added as an excellent stocking stuffer. Make sure you read our water park safety guide, so your entire family can feel prepared as you embark on your post-holiday adventures!

Big Blue Swim School gift card