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Meet Brooke Savage of Big Blue Swim School Gilbert

At Big Blue Swim School, we are proud to have countless members of our team, who radiate passion and joy, and are ready to face the day with a smile on their faces. Brooke Savage, one of our deck supervisors at Big Blue Gilbert, is certainly no exception, which is why she is our Staff Member of the Month. We are so excited for you to learn about her dedication to families at the pool and why we are so lucky to have her, especially as we approach Big Blue Swim School’s Grand Opening in Gilbert, Arizona!

Brooke Savage, deck supervisor at Big Blue Swim School Gilbert


Born and raised in Arizona, Brooke has shared a deep love for both recreational and competitive swimming her entire life. She started competitive swimming at the age of 5, continuing for 15 years and competing across the country, until she sustained an injury, leading her to begin a fulfilling journey in swim coaching. Brooke has experience coaching age group swimmers (5-14) on regional level swim teams as well as teaching children, who are just getting comfortable in the water.

She is currently enrolled at Grand Canyon University, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology, with plans to graduate at the end of this year. In 2019, Brooke joined the United States Navy and is presently an E-5 reservist up for promotion this August. Adding to her impressive background, Brooke also possesses an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) license.

Big Blue Gilbert team celebrating Earth and Arbor Day

Experiencing BIG Moments

Since joining the Big Blue Gilbert team this year, Brooke has been happily busy as a deck supervisor, focusing on instructing classes in the water and working at the front desk. Additionally, Brooke can be found managing the pool deck, by directing children where to go and ensuring lessons run smoothly, along with evaluating children on their swimming skills for the next level.

Brooke’s favorite part about being a member of Big Blue is watching children fall in love with the water just as she did when she was on the swim team. She even mentions that “Seeing their confidence grow and excitement for class is a daily reminder of why I love what I do.” Her passion couldn’t be clearer, especially during Bright Blue and Big Blue level swim classes. Brooke loves teaching Brights the basics of swimming and introducing them to the water, but also enjoys helping Bigs perfect their stroke techniques and prepare for swim teams.

Brooke and another team member in the pool at Big Blue Swim School

A Team Always Worth Celebrating

Although it’s hard to narrow down a favorite moment since joining Big Blue, Brooke loved celebrating the completion of the Gilbert pool’s construction and beginning the countdown to opening day. Upon celebration, the team hosted a bonding night, with a dessert potluck, and played Just Dance on the Wii. Brooke describes that it was incredibly fun to have the whole Big Blue Gilbert team together for a night of bonding!

From the special way Brooke connects with her team, it’s evident how she gained the nickname of “Mom.” Her caring personality and actions speak wonders, as she often brings cookies and cooked meals to work for dinner, volunteers to help with any task, and provides constructive feedback.

Brooke and another team member high fiving in the pool

Outside of Big Blue, Brooke enjoys maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, swimming, volunteering at funeral services for the military, embarking on adventures with her partner, and spending time among Arizona’s deaf community.

Any time you’re at Big Blue Gilbert, never hesitate to say “hi” to Brooke and ask her any questions you might have. She always loves learning about and helping families at the pool!