Swimming For Toddlers

Looking for swimming classes for 4-year-olds, preschoolers or kindergarten kids? When it comes to the best swim lessons for toddlers, Big Blue Swim School is your resource. We specialize in working with beginners, so they can be comfortable in the water and develop a love of swimming.

In our swimming classes for 3-year-olds through 5-year-olds, we use fun songs, stories, games and colorful pool toys to introduce basic swimming skills. Let us empower your kid with comfort and confidence in the water, starting with basic breath control and working up to mastering the flutter kick.

Our Exceptional Instructors

Highly skilled, professional, adult instructors lead all our swimming classes, for 5-year-olds and other ages. Each one has more than 100 hours of training on the Big Blue Progress Program, as well as another two hours of ongoing training each week. With Big Blue, you can expect highly individualized instruction, revolving around each kid at each lesson.

Level-Appropriate Swim Lessons

We cater our lessons to the swimmers' level: This maximizes their potential to learn and grow. In swimming for toddlers, we start our weekly 30-minute lessons with basic skills such as balance, kicking and breath control. From there, swimmers work on submerging their faces in the water, controlling their breath while flutter-kicking, staying afloat and swimming forward.

Interested in learning more about Big Blue's welcoming, kid-centered approach? We offer no-risk free trial lessons, so you can try us out and see what you think. Prepare your kids for a lifetime of water enjoyment with Big Blue Swim School!