Big Blue

Intermediate Swim Lessons

Our Big Blue program is designed for young swimmers ages 6+ who already have an intermediate level of swimming and water skills. In these slightly more competitive swim classes, we aim to refine and perfect techniques for the four main swimming strokes as well as build endurance. When compared with our beginner swim lessons, these sessions are much more advanced and can potentially act as swim team prep.

Exceptional Instructors

Your child will receive professional training from our expert instructors. Every swimming instructor at Big Blue completes a rigorous, 75+ hour training program and complete regular, ongoing training to enhance their skills and expertise. Many of them are with us full time and have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience teaching intermediate swim lessons over the years. Our instructors are the heartbeat of Big Blue and bring passion and fun-loving energy to every lesson, which becomes evident when you see them in action.

Fun, Performance-Focused Lessons

This swimming training program focuses on several activities to help build well-rounded swimmers, such as stroke correction classes and endurance-building exercises. At this intermediate level, we offer 45-minute lessons with about seven kids per instructor. While there are several milestones involved, one of the biggest is when our swimmers can swim 1,000 feet continuously, without stopping or touching the bottom of the pool.

Interested in our Big Blue program?

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