Big Blue Swimming Lessons

Want a swimming training program for ages 6+ who are well beyond beginners? Designed for swimmers ages six and up, our Big Blue program aims to strengthen and build on existing swim skills. Unlike our beginners' program, these lessons are more advanced and can potentially act as swim team prep - helping kids refine and perfect techniques for all four strokes, while building endurance.

Exceptional Instructors

As is true of all our programs, our swim lessons for ages 6+ benefit from the leadership of professional, adult instructors who have extensive training. Every swimming instructor has been through more than 100 hours of training, as well as two additional hours each week, in order to provide top-notch support to kids. Expect personalized, hands-on instruction that keeps swimmers active and engaged. At Big Blue Swim School, swim lessons aren't just a hobby; we encourage our instructors to be employed with us full-time.

Every instructor has more than 100 hours of training on our Big Blue Progress Program, and they take an additional two hours each week to fuel professional growth. Our team is passionate about focusing on each child, too, getting in the water with swimmers, demonstrating new skills and truly engaging with participants.

Level-Appropriate Lessons

Because we are passionate about helping swimmers progress as much as possible, we focus on level-appropriate swimming training for kids. At this intermediate level, we offer 45-minute lessons with seven students per instructor. In our swim workouts for ages 6+ swimmers, we work on building skills and confidence in the water so that swimming can be a lifetime enjoyment. Our goal is to help each swimmer progress to the point that he or she can go 1000 feet continuously, without stopping or touching the bottom of the pool.

Ready to learn more about our swim sets for ages 6+ swimmers? Experience our welcoming and supportive, kid-centered approach by booking a no-risk, free trial lesson anytime!