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10 Benefits Of Swim Lessons For Kids

Learning to swim can open a world of opportunity for your little one. Things learned during swim lessons can benefit your child for the rest of their life! These lessons can also be lifesaving, as kids who take formal swim lessons have an 88% less chance of drowning. They’re also more likely to establish a healthy relationship with exercise and fitness.

Safety is a parent’s top priority, but kids who learn to swim at a young age enjoy many other benefits, including superior mental and physical health. The following are 10 benefits of swimming for kids!

1. Safety

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that drowning is the number one cause of injury-related death among kids ages 1 to 4. It is the second leading cause of death for older kids ages 5 to 14. The importance of learning to swim is evident.

The expert swim instructors at Big Blue Swim School teach all the water safety skills your kids need to remain safe in and around water. Kids can learn lifesaving swimming abilities as young as three months, which is when your swimmers can begin taking lessons at Big Blue!

2. Superior Muscle Development

Swimming requires whole-body strength and helps kids to safely develop muscle. Swimming is a low-impact sport, which means kids have a much lower chance of injuring joints or bones than when playing other sports. Additionally, people can exercise longer in the water than on land without muscle or joint pain.

3. A Healthier Heart

Swimming promotes superior cardiovascular health. It strengthens the heart, making it more efficient in supplying blood throughout the body. Studies also show that swimming several times per week can improve blood vessel function and lower blood pressure.

Superior cardiovascular health and stronger muscles are two health benefits of swimming for kids that result in superior stamina. This endurance can carry over into other sports and activities your child enjoys.

4. A Lifelong Love of Exercise

One of the most significant benefits of swimming for kids is that they learn to associate exercise with fun at a young age. A positive relationship with exercise can stay with your little ones throughout life.

5. Better Sleep

Many parents struggle to get their children to wind down at bedtime. Swimming is a full-body workout that requires a lot of energy. This level of energy exertion can result in improved sleep, and who doesn't love that??

6. Superior Mental Health

One of the most powerful benefits of swim lessons is that they can help the mind relax. Being in the water is naturally calming, while the exercise of swimming releases the feel-good chemicals in the brain known as endorphins. Exercise also reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to improved mental health.

7. Increased Confidence

Confidence is a characteristic that can help kids in school, sports and throughout life. Swimming helps children gain confidence because they can see and feel themselves advancing in the sport. Kids may begin swim lessons feeling nervous about the experience, but they quickly learn to kick and stroke.

Swimming challenges kids and helps them overcome their fears. It teaches them that they can set goals and achieve them through hard work and discipline.

8. Better Cognitive Function

You might not enroll your little ones in swimming lessons to impact their academics, but this can be a natural side effect! Kids who learn to swim early in life tend to have superior visual-motor skills. Studies also show young swimmers are up to 20 months ahead of non-swimming peers in the skills of following instructions and problem-solving.

In fact, kids who began swimming early in life achieved mental and physical milestones earlier than their peers. Infants who took swim lessons showed superior motor skills. The skills taught during swim lessons can lead kids to perform better in the classroom.

9. Improved Coordination and Balance

The physical benefits of swimming for kids are abundant. Swimming helps improve strength and flexibility, which results in superior balance and coordination. These are physical skills that can keep your little one safe outside of the water, too, and improve her or his ability to perform in other sports.

10. Superior Social Skills

Swim lessons are fun, and they may lead to a serious love for the sport. Your kids will be able to interact with fellow young swimmers during lessons. They may also develop the skills needed to join a school- or community-based swim team.

Swim teams can be more inclusive than other sports teams because kids always get to participate. Additionally, swim teams offer camaraderie that could lead to lifelong friendships. Swimming on a team can also take kids to new towns and cities, where they can meet other kids of all backgrounds. The social skills learned through swimming can benefit a child for life.

Big Blue Swim School offers swimming lessons to transform kids into safe and confident swimmers. Most important of all, we encourage kids to have fun and enjoy the process of learning the invaluable life skill of swimming.

Our professional swim instructors are eager to teach your little ones in our welcoming and stress-free environment. View our current locations to see if there’s a Big Blue Swim School near you.