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Meet Yasmin Bezerra of Big Blue Swim School Pineville

At Big Blue Swim School, we are proud to have countless members of our team, who radiate passion and joy, and are ready to face the day full of smiles. Yasmin Bezerra, a deck supervisor and swim instructor at Big Blue Pineville, is no exception! That’s why she is our next Staff Member of the Month. We are thrilled for you to learn about her dedication to families at the pool and why we are so lucky to have her!

Yasmin Bezerra


Four years prior to joining Big Blue in December of 2023, Yasmin came with her family to the United States from Brazil! She possesses a background in hospitality and hotels, which quickly made her an amazing asset to the Pineville team since she was hired before the pool opened this past spring.

A BIG Part of Big Blue Pineville

Yasmin is both a deck supervisor and swim instructor, so she can often be found teaching swimming lessons, evaluating swimmers’ progress, and ensuring the pool always runs smoothly. Although she teaches a variety of classes, Yasmin’s favorite level to teach is Bigs!

Yasmin helping a student put her swim gear on at the pool deck

One of Yasmin’s favorite things about working at Big Blue is the ability to act like a big kid with her students! She describes that “This is the first job I’ve ever had, where one of my main responsibilities is to have fun!”

Her positivity and care for her students certainly reflect in one of her many favorite memories at the pool. During one of Yasmin’s Bright Blue classes, a student let her “win” the game she was conducting afterwards. It turns out that Yasmin’s student wanted her to win because he thought she deserved to feel special for winning, too. It’s no wonder that her team would describe her as quiet, yet easy-going and nice.

Yasmin teaching one of her Baby Blue swimmers in the pool

Yasmin certainly shares a passion for teaching kids how to swim and gain confidence, but she also loves learning languages. She currently speaks English and Portuguese, and would like to learn Spanish, Korean, and American Sign Language.

In addition, Yasmin enjoys spending time outside, relaxing among nature. Her true happy place is the beach, though! When Yasmin isn’t at Big Blue or the beach, she’s probably singing at her church, riding her bike, or watching k-dramas.

Yasmin teaching swim lessons to one of her students in the pool

Next time you’re at Big Blue Pineville, don’t hesitate to say “hi” to Yasmin and ask her any questions you might have. She always loves learning about and helping families at the pool!

Yasmin and one of her students hugging