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Why You Should Enroll in Second Weekly Lessons at Big Blue Swim School

It’s no secret that consistency is key, no matter what new skill you’re learning, whether it’s a musical instrument, a language, or a sport. Swimming lessons are no exception, even for children! In case your family is planning an upcoming vacation to the beach, lake, water park, or hotel pool, you might need to consider whether your child has made enough progress to feel safe and confident in the water. Fortunately, that’s where second weekly lessons come in.

While regularly attending lessons once a week is a fantastic start, your child is more likely to experience faster progress if they attend an additional lesson each week – just in time for summer vacation. Below, we provide some benefits of signing up for second weekly lessons at Big Blue Swim School!

Build Strength, Endurance, Comfort, and Confidence Faster

The more time your child spends in the pool learning valuable water safety skills, the stronger and more confident of a swimmer your child will become. They’ll be able to swim longer and maintain better balance, since they spent extra time learning a greater number of techniques and preparing for vacations or summer camps.

Second weekly Big Blue Swim School lesson

Simultaneously, the additional day of lessons per week provides the opportunity to simply grow comfortable and confident, considering some children begin lessons feeling apprehensive of water. By offering them more chances to learn in a safe, calm environment with experienced and friendly instructors, your child will soon understand that they have the necessary tools to be a confident swimmer.

Second Weekly Lessons are 20% Off at Big Blue!

To help your family prepare for summer and experience quicker results, your second weekly lessons are officially 20% off! We understand you may want your child to feel as safe and confident as possible, while they learn how to swim at their own pace during lessons, and we want to support your family in getting there. In fact, there are often plenty of weekday evening classes as well as weekend times, so you can keep a schedule that is most convenient between work, school, sports, and other activities. You can also schedule lessons for multiple children at the same time, even if they’re in separate levels!

Swim lesson at Big Blue

How to Schedule Your Second Weekly Lesson

It’s easy! Just head to the Parent Portal or Big Blue mobile app and add a new swim lesson under “Add Lesson.” You’ll see the different times available along with the discounted price.

How to add a second weekly lesson in the Big Blue mobile app
Lesson times available in the Big Blue mobile app

At Big Blue, water safety is our #1 priority, especially as we approach summer. We hope to see your family at the pool twice a week very soon, so we can help your child reach their safe swimming goals in time for some major fun in the sun!