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World Art Day

If you have ever walked into one of our Big Blue Swim School locations, you might immediately notice our large pool or spacious lobby. As you look around more and more, though, you’ll quickly find beautiful custom murals and branded artwork. You might even wonder how we came up with such unique designs to welcome families and help children feel comfortable during lessons. To celebrate World Art Day, annually recognized on April 15th, we are excited to dive into the artwork that so many of our families and teams have grown to love!

The Big Blue World

Across all our pools, you will find some key artwork, such as waves, coral, a whale, a submarine, other fun shapes, and a banner stating, “The Big Blue World.” Every location’s lobby area also features the colorful “Big Moments Journey” every child embarks on at Big Blue, so families can always see some of the progress made among each level. There’s also a mural that children can measure their height at, allowing no element of progress to be forgotten!

Big Moments Journey

According to Kitty Ryan and Kimberly Tierman, work on our construction team, these murals help immerse families into a warm, friendly environment that their children can look forward to at every visit. At Big Blue, our pools are a place of boundless imagination, made just for kids. We offer endless possibilities in a world where all kids are free to explore, grow, play, and learn to swim as far as their imaginations can take them, which is very much reflected in the artwork you’ll see at each of our pools!

Big Blue Swim School Cottonwood Heights Pool Mural

One of our favorite pieces of artwork are the custom murals, designed for each pool, based on the location they are based in. As the finishing touches wrap up during construction, which is about a month before a pool’s grand opening, we ask the pool owners to contribute local elements, like iconic historical buildings or nearby mountain ranges. Then, we send their ideas to our amazing designer, Lana Gwinn, who weaves the elements into final artwork that both parents and kids can identify in the lobby area.

Big Blue Swim School Chantilly Pool Mural

Right now, we have two artists who paint the murals: Chelsea Blosil, who often paints our west coast pools, and Sherry Trusty, for our east coast pools. It typically takes them less than a week to completely hand paint the pool murals. The remaining artwork, including the elements in the pool area, is vinyl, so everything can withstand the humidity of the pool, and are installed by our interior signage provider.

Big Blue Swimmer

While the murals are vibrant and energetic, Big Blue’s artwork simultaneously contributes to a relaxing atmosphere as well. The whimsical designs can aid in alleviating stress and tension, allowing swimmers to unwind and enjoy their time in the pool. We know many of our staff members even feel a sense of calm and relaxation, which supports them in feeling their best so they can focus on teaching swim lessons – all while helping your child feel as comfortable and ready to learn as possible.

Big Blue Swim School Pool

At Big Blue, we are proud to celebrate our artwork all year round. After all, one of our goals when teaching water safety to kids is to make learning fun and promote both their confidence and creativity.  Our pool environment, from the relatable murals to the soothing colors, can prevent overstimulation and offer comfort, which is very important for many families. Plus, we know some children simply love the designs so much, they can’t leave lessons without measuring their height or asking for an adorable photo-op!

Big Blue Swim School Paramus Pool Mural

Whether you’re a current or future Big Blue family, we strive to make everyone feel welcomed as soon as you walk in. Just come see for yourself at a pool near you!

Kitty Ryan and Kimberly Tierman
Kitty Ryan, Director of Design and Construction, and Kimberly Tierman, Senior Construction Project Manager

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