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What to Expect from Lessons at Big Blue Swim School

As a parent, we understand you might be busy juggling multiple after-school activities, sports, work, and more for your family. The thought of adding swim lessons to the mix might even feel overwhelming. We get it! That’s why we broke down some of the ways Big Blue Swim School makes things easier for your family, so you’ll always know what to expect and will never feel like a fish out of water.

Ultra-Clean Facilities

When we mention “clean,” we mean CLEAN. From the pool itself, which uses an extensive water filtration system, to our fall-proof, antimicrobial flooring, we maintain strict cleanliness protocols. All surfaces are regularly disinfected, and we make sure all amenities, such as our changing rooms and bathrooms, are routinely deep cleaned. There’s nothing like walking into a spotless pool area, safe for your family!

Clean pool at Big Blue Swim School

(Truly) Flexible Swim Lesson Program

Our super flexible swimming program makes scheduling lessons a breeze – seriously! In our handy mobile app or Parent Portal, you can schedule regular weekly lessons and just as quickly reschedule make-up lessons, in case your family needs a small break, due to illness, vacation, or other activities. If you want to schedule your child for swim lessons more than once a week, our app also allows you to find convenient drop-in and second weekly lesson times.

Big Blue instructor and swimmer

Our favorite part about our adaptive swimming program, though, is that you can schedule multiple children for lessons at the same time! No matter their various ages or levels, we’ll help you save time and energy, by ensuring each of your children are in the pool simultaneously, which can all be handled with the click of a button in our app, too. And don’t worry – our changing rooms are extra spacious, so you can comfortably get all your kiddos in and out of their swimsuits together!

Big Blue teacher and baby swimmer

Quality Swim Lesson Curriculum

At Big Blue, we are proud to say that we have transformed the way children’s swimming lessons are taught. Our program emphasizes safety and gaining confidence, while learning valuable swim skills, like no other. Whether your child starts out in baby swim lessons, or moves up into more intermediate levels, we meet them where they are at, with quality instruction and fun opportunities to grow in the water at their own pace. Plus, progress your child makes is tracked in the mobile app, so you can check all the new skills they learned and see which elements of swimming are next!

Swim lessons taught at Big Blue

Caring, Dedicated Staff

Most importantly, our entire team absolutely loves welcoming kids and families, regardless of skill level, experience, and comfort in the water. Our adult swim instructors are real teachers, who are passionate about demonstrating water safety skills and are always more than happy to adjust their way of instruction to confirm each child understands. They know ways to engage with kids of various ages and want to get to know their students, providing the consistency and compassion your family deserves.

Big Blue swim instructor and child

We cannot wait for your family to experience our supportive, kid-centered environment at a pool near you. After all, your child’s experience with us is not just about mastering swim strokes, but about fostering confidence, safety, and a love for the water!