Franchise Opportunity

Big Blue Swim School plans to grow the brand through franchising to 380 units by 2024. Big Blue Swim School has a proven track record of quick ramp-up, franchise owner satisfaction, and reinvestment.

Why This industry?

essential life skill

  • Can’t be outsourced or automated
  • Amazon-proof
  • Parents will always invest in their children

$3B industry

Swim school financials stack up against other franchise concepts with the added bonus of contributing to the health and well-being of children

Growing Industry

Athletic participation for kids ages 6 through 12 is down almost 8% over the last decade.* But participation in swimming is growing, with 52% growth in year-round swim memberships from 2000-2023.**

No Dominant National Player

With no dominant players in the swim-lesson space, and recent decreases in state and local spending, the market demand for quality swim schools focused on basic skills is high.

Other brands in the space leverage existing pools, or have dedicated swim lessons but poor real estate and difficulty finding and retaining talent. This opens up an opportunity for Big Blue Swim School to emerge as a national player.

*Sports & Fitness Industry Association and the Aspen Institute.
**USA Swimming.

Evolution of the swim school

From cold and cramped to fun and fully equipped!

1980s: Rec Center or Community Center

  • Freezing cold water
  • Busy shared facility with lots of noise and distractions
  • Limited class availability and inadequate teacher training
  • No online system for scheduling or tracking progress
  • No fun for kids!

1990-2000: Third-Party Facilities

  • Limited kid-friendly and parent amenities
  • Deep pool only with cold water and strong chlorine smell
  • Shared facility and adult locker rooms
  • Limited class availability
  • Scheduling by email or phone

Dedicated Facilities 2.0

  • 5,000-9,000 sq. ft. facilities in B real estate locations
  • Not maintained to match customer expectations
  • One pool only (smaller learn-to-swim size)
  • Can’t accommodate multiple kids at one time
  • No full-time instructors
  • Limited technology to track progress and manage lessons

Next Level: Big Blue Swim School 3.0

  • 10,000-14,000 sq. ft. facilities with two pools (regular and small)
  • Appealing A-to-A real estate locations
  • Water is 90 degrees, air temperature is 91+ degrees
  • Noise-controlled viewing room with Wi-Fi
  • Full-time, fully benefitted instructors
  • Lessons for multiple age groups during the same 30-minute window
  • LessonBuddy™ to track progress and manage lessons by mobile
Kids Finishing A Lesson At Big Blue Swim School

Why Now?

Now is the time for a national leader to emerge in the swim school space. Big Blue Swim School has the strong branding, resources and teams to take the lead.

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