Franchise Owner Testimonials

see why people love big blue swim school

“We are already deeply impressed with the integrity of the group behind the Big Blue concept and look forward to adding value where we can given our past franchise and finance background.“

– Sam Abraham

“With childhood drowning being the number one reason for accidental death for children under the age of 12, I knew I could make a difference in my community. I am really excited to open a business.“

– Zack Groesbeck

“Learning about what and how Big Blue does everything versus the competition proved that Big Blue has solved any problems we saw with the competitors we looked at. LessonBuddy was a really strong selling point that we know will set us up for success.“

– Sam Abraham

“Big Blue stood out over the competition because its investment level interested me, adding proof of concept. Some swim schools have a lower investment, but that also means they could have a lower return. Big Blue has a really attractive business model. As a parent, I know that everyone needs to learn how to swim, which means that there will always be a target customer. What really appealed to me about Big Blue Swim School is that I could pioneer the market.“

– Chris Burden