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Meet Larry Cuesta of Big Blue Swim School Pembroke Pines

At Big Blue Swim School, we are proud to have countless members of our team, who are full of passion and joy, and are ready to face the day with a smile on their face. Larry Cuesta, the assistant manager (AM) of Big Blue Pembroke Pines is certainly no exception, which is why he’s our first Big Blue Staff Member of the Month feature. We cannot wait for you to learn about his dedication to families at the pool and why we are so lucky to have him!

Assistant Manager Larry Cuesta of Big Blue Swim School Pembroke Pines


Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Larry has worked in various customer service roles throughout his career, from hospitality to healthcare to construction. With plenty of experience under his belt, he thrives in challenging situations and possesses a track record of identifying and solving complex problems, by creatively thinking outside the box.

Larry Cuesta at the front desk

He has been a member of Big Blue for one year, where he wears many hats. As an AM, you’ll find Larry enforcing policies and procedures that ensure effective operations of pool facilities, including personnel management and training. Likewise, he provides first aid, pool rotations, scheduling of staff, public relations, janitorial duties, and pool maintenance, such as daily chemical analysis/ testing, pool cleaning, and filter backwashing.

Larry Cuesta at the pool

BIG Moments as "Coach"

Of course, Larry’s favorite part about working at Big Blue is the opportunity to make a significant impact on kids’ lives, by teaching them essential water safety skills and helping them develop a lifelong love for aquatic activities. His dedication to teaching water safety started before the pool even opened, though. During training, he constantly went out of his way to help other swim instructors learn the curriculum and improve their methods. His “above and beyond” nature quickly resulted in the nickname of “Coach,” given to him by the pool’s general manager, Delorie Lynne.

Larry Cuesta with a Big Blue swimmer at the pool

It did not take long for “Coach” to fully realize the big impact he has been making. He recounted that when Big Blue Pembroke Pines had their first graduate of swimming lessons, the young swimmer started as a Bold 1, with no prior experience. To see her start with no knowledge and finish as an amazing, strong swimmer was the best feeling to him.

Adding to his list of nicknames, many parents at the pool have dubbed Larry the “Governor,” because of the positive ways he interacts and supports families and staff. Always taking initiative and leading by example, no wonder the Pembroke Pines team also describe him as energetic, charismatic, funny, innovative, and a problem solver.

Larry Cuesta with a Big Blue parent in the lobby

Outside of work, Larry enjoys going to the beach, gym, or for a walk. He loves music, movies, watching the sun set and rise on the beach, participating in water activities, and playing basketball as well.

If you’re at Big Blue Pembroke Pines, next time you see “Coach” or “Governor” at the pool, don’t be afraid to say “hi” and ask him any questions you might have. He’s always there for families, like yours!

Larry Cuesta the AM at Big Blue Pembroke Pines