Bold Blue

Beginner Swim Lessons For Kids

The Bold Blue program features swim beginner training catered to kids ages 6 and up. It is designed for new swimmers with little to no experience in the water. The goals of this swimming beginner program include improving confidence in the water and building fundamental skills that your children can utilize for the rest of their lives.

Skilled, Professional Instructors

Our dedicated and friendly instructors take a comprehensive approach to swimming lessons for 6-year-olds and above, focusing on the most basic, fundamental skills first. With more than 75 hours of completed training, our team members bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to every lesson. They also complete regular, ongoing training to enhance their skills and expertise. During swimming classes for beginners, instructors will explain and demonstrate skills as needed for each group.

Paced & Progressive Curriculum

All primary school swimming lessons are level appropriate and goal oriented, allowing your children to build on the skills and techniques from previous weeks. Each session runs about 30 minutes, with three or four kids per instructor. While the curriculum can be modified based on the progression levels of each group, our Bold Blue program includes learning the following techniques: Back and front float, Flutter kicks, Rhythmic breathing, Wall push-offs, Breaststroke (front crawl), Backstroke, Treading water, Butterfly. Once your little ones have mastered our beginner swim lessons, they will graduate to our Big Blue Program, where we take it up a notch!

Interested in learning more?

We offer free, no-risk trial lessons. Set one up for your child and experience our welcoming, supportive, kid-centered approach for yourself.